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3 as we head into election day....polls show ppesident barack obama and governor mitt romney vvrtually deadlockee. deadlocked.right now... all eyes are on the swing states. megan gilliland s here with good morning ggys,winning the white house... means winning the ellctooal college..ere are the key swing states to keep "real-clear""politics average of polls. polls.the closesttappears to be virginia right now where the polling aveerge showw
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half a point. witt a point and half lead. leaa.the... president appears to be ahead in ohii byyalmost p points.still many are preddcting this could be a decisive battleground. battlegrounddin pennsslvania... the president is ahead by nearly 4 points. points.president obamaawon north caroliin n 2008 but polling shows romney ahead noww ii that state byy3 pointss points.there's no question that these final hoors are crucial for the presidential candidates... as they present closing arguments on the campaign trail... some of them a little eeotionall president obamai want to ttke this opporttuity to say ( wipes off the first tear ) one thing to alllthe young people and not so young people who've given so much toothis campaign over thh years. those of who who haven't donn this just foo mm but for each otherr for a laid off family member, for a sicc child, for a fallen friend ( wipes off the sscond tear for aal of you who've lived and breath the hard work of chaage, mmtt
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grrwing again.(cheeringg" romney says: "thank you for the work that so many of you have been doing. // now let's makk sure we get everyone out to vote on tuessay, everyone you know, bbing to the pplls (c" (cheeriin)"right now... the polls show it is very close night....if not longer... before an official winner is announced. stay with us for continuung coverage of vote 2012.i'm megan gilliland, fox45 morning news. maryland voters are deciding peveral controversial ballot issues, including same sex marriige. and those questions are exxected to drive up turn out at the polls. polls. joel . smith is live at a polling location in cockeysville now, with more on expected turnout, and a closer look at question 6. 3 3 3 guys more than 430 thousand voters are excused today, because ttey already voted! in maryland this time... with alomst twice as many people
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choosing to castttheir ballots that way than in 2010. still, bout.... 55-percent of still, pegistered voters are expected you can see from all the ballot arr a big reasoo why.h why. question 6 is a historic referrendum item in maryland. never have voters in any a - legalize...same ex marriage. that's why suuporters...inclu dinn overnor o'malley ere seen making some final pitches yesterdayy thh law would prohibit any house of prooibit ny houss of worship...from peeforming... same sex marriage ceremoniis... institution. a new poll conducted by goucher college... found 55-percent of those surveyee...suppprtallowing same-sex couples... to marry. but a recent baltimore sun virtually splii...on the question. (mccoy) marriage crossss crossee cultural lines, - crosses sscio-economic lines, it crosses pooitical lines, republiccn, independent, green party or libertarian, marriage is about an nstitution defined as between one man and one woman." (clippinger) "it's another step aloog the process to for seeing all marylanders &pand americans as those who ar
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deserving f that same equality and equity under the l" 33& the polls are open from 77 until 88 m. livv in cockeysville, joel d. smitt, 3pfox 45 morning news. the ssarch is on theessarchhis on thhs morning for the men who beat a baltimore man in broad ddyliggt. daylight.right now.. 33 year old john mason is in ritical witneeses tell police as many ps fivv men beat mason nearly unccnscious at lombard and baltimore... in the middle of the day on a result
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&pmassn is now in an induced coma... with multiple skull practures ann someebrain's an attack that has the people who live and work downtown... on edge. (mm..randall/downtoww emmloyye) "we walk back and forth in the morninggtime and for luncc hour. we up and down here looking for places to eat and if that happened durinn thh day time, it can happen to any of us."(ms. lewis//owntown resident) "it is vvry scary though, i willl say that. i mean, working righ tup the street here and living downtoon, i mean it's noo something that you waat where yyu ork and you live." live." investigators are unsure f a motive. thhy're looking at robbery.. but nothing was taken from the victim. police are investigating after a wwman is stabbed to death in southwesttbaltimore. happened monday afternoon near washington boulevard and est ostend street.the 51 year old victim was found in herrhome by a word on a suspect or a motive at thii time. diagnosed in maryland... may be connected to the case of a traveling hospital worker... accuued of tampering with needles.accooding to the pepartment of health and mental hyggene....testing shows the maryland resident's
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infection is closely reeated to another strain.meddcal tech ddvid kwiatkowski charres in new ampshireefor tampering with needles and infecting more ttan 30 peoplee the maryland patient was one of more than 17-huudred people who were urged to get tested affer the charges were filed. the patient is o-k..- 3 one week after superstorm sandy victimized the atlantic dorp beach in of garbage.s in the regioo - - can see it piled up in the street... and on lawns.residents are overwhelmed by the sheer volume of destrrction.many have lost everything they own. volunteers are working to deliver foodd water, clothes &p and homeowners are conttnuinn to pick up the pieces ii thh afttrmath of sandy.but thee are being wwrned it could be angerous
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the food and drug adminnstration says that &start mightthave had a chance to come in contact with ffood infectious diseass r anger of - chemicals spread through flood waters ....fooo needs to be thrown away.and according to the c-ddcc..anything in your house that an't be disinfectee, like many &pneeds to be pitcced.ting, - gasoliie is hard tt come by in new yook and new jersey, rightt now...and some people are caahing in... by selllng it for outrageously high prices &pon craigglisst craiislist.prices advertised on the eb site monday aaternoonn.. were as hhgh as 30-doolars aagallon. bott york's l in - attorrey general is launching complaints of price gouging. coming up on the early edition... stealing medical recordd to feed a drrg habit. habitt"the harddpart ii this how do you clean it up?,,,
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up?,,,the new wave of dentity theft that's made a mess of pne man's life. bth - derelictioo of duty "well, my first job as commander in chieff bob, is to keep the merican people safe." he didn't. ambassador chriss tevens and three others are now dead. thaaks to whistleblowers, more facts have come out regarding thh september 11th benghaai attack. although there's been a virtual black-out by many news organizations. we now know theewhite houseeennaged in a coordinateddcampaign to lii to the american people. two weeks aftee the attack -- and i his september 255h president falsely blamed a timm puring the attack, there was a live video feeddfrom a drone
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flying overhead. and an open phone line from the consulate. moments after the attack began including one that reported al plaimed responsibility.there's a report the president watcced room as thh 7-hour battle took place. three ttmes there were pllas to send hlp from thh each was denied. only the president has the authority to approve suchhrequests. president obama alloweddfour americans to die. for what reason we may neverrknow. this was dereliction of duty.for more on thii story visit behind the headlines dot net. and follow s twitter and facebook. i'mmmark hyman.
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((traffii reporter ad libs)) mapp40--liberty--map
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3 atop the a-ffc north.ns sit that coach john harbaugh says... isn't enough. "you feel like a victtm, someone is using your a new wave of dentity hefts. the way this kind is feeding the habit of drug addictt. maryland, it's time. time for marriage equa question 6 strengthens protections for our churches and guarantees the civil right to commit to the one you love.
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while there are those trying to divide us, presidents obama and clinton stand with us. pastors, business leaders, newspapers, democrats and republicans are all coming together for question 6. because it's about fairness-- treating everyone equal under the law. and who could be against that? 3
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when we think of identity theft... it's usually in the form of fake credit cards or bank loans.but there are other parts of your identity that are just as tempting to today's cover story... we look at oneeman who had his identity stolen to feed a druu habit and how hard it is to repair his life. life. bryan o'neil hassserved in the national guard ssnce the 911 pttacks10:55:53"i am a member of the new jersey air national guarda veteran expllsivee specialist dedicated to protecttng his coontry. 10:55: 59"i have been activated since 911"but one day he opened a
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letter that would turn hiss world upside10:58::0"you feel like a victim,,someone is using your name, your record, to pick-up narcotics"a ill that came in the mail for prescription medication purchased in his namea&that he knew nothing abouta. highly addictive narcotic medications ppcked up at pharmaciee across tte states unbeknown to him. 10::7:31"i pidn't know how to feel at first"a scam an audit evealed involved multiple doctors and these fake prescriptions aad when the final bill was tallied, o'neil was stunned. thousands of pills purchased in his name11:01:14"you're talkinn at some point 90 pills of a deladette a week"o'neil's plight is part of a mall but growing scam known as medical indentity theet.a thief who obtains not social security numbers or baak infoomationaa&but someone's name and date of birth and informationa&.and than usess it in his ccse to obtain prescriptions.17:53:05"that's pery comon, to take somebbdd's identification anddget prescription in that name," addictions expert miie gimball says it's an incceasingly
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common scam fueled by the growing demand fr pain narcotics &plike diiuaddd that offer the same high as ssreet drugs. 17:32:06"they'll do whatevee prescription because to them &pit's better thhn going to the drug corners and buying heroin."the federal traae commision's annual report on identity theft says over the past two ears rooghly 6000 thousand people beennvictims of medical identity theft. and while the fcc does not break ouu numbers for prescription fraud, gimball says its growing.17:51"righh now more people overdose from prescriptton medication than herrin nad concaine, combbned, it's th enumber one probloem other than alchohol.""5:16 "it's been a problem for aa long time but i think it's expandinn now."former narcotics cop stephen tabeliing says it also a drug probbem thaa gets less atention from police58:00"i think there is more emmhasss put on the street drugs like cocaine aad crack and heroin here seems to be more voilence
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asosicated with and alot of &pyou killing are becuase of these drugs"which is why o'neil says he is frustrated...and frightened 11:05::2"eveyrtime i would o to pick m own prescriptions they'd ask questions wwll your still taking this, you'r still taking that, we'll i'm not though he learned ittwas a foomerrspouse who used his identtty, police have yet to investigate his case.a lack of action that he says, only makes the task of clearing his you clean it up?,,,i haven't figured that out yet." o'neil wiil continue to press
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police to take action ii his case. coming up in our 6 o'clock hour... stores pushing extended warranties and service plans. phe huge profit that can be made off the sales. &season-enddig injuries plague tte terps.the mmst recent football team to tear hhs a- c-l. ((break 3)) 3
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3 cominn up in our 6 o'clock hour... hold the salt. saat..heedietary change even heallhyypeople are being urgee to make. 3
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